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4 Sections Every Catering and Event Planning Contract Needs


By Purple Fox Legal June 22, 2022 Operating a successful catering or event planning business can definitely be quite a demanding process. From keeping up with client preferences to managing your time accordingly, there is […]

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Business Succession Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs


By Purple Fox Legal June 15, 2022 The day-to-day demands of owning and operating a business can be overwhelming. For this reason, many small business owners overlook the value and benefit of planning for the […]

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13 Factors Business Owners Must Know to Prevent Trademark Infringement


By Purple Fox Legal June 8, 2022 When a trademark is registered in the United States, the owner is granted exclusive rights to use it nationwide. No other business can use that mark in commerce […]

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Mistakes on Copyright Applications May Invalidate Your Registrations


By Purple Fox Legal June 1, 2022 When applying for a new copyright registration, quite a bit of information is required. And, submitting all of the facts and evidence in the application can be more […]

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The Small Business Guide to Understanding Libel, Slander, and Defamation


By Purple Fox Legal May 25, 2022 While the First Amendment of the Constitution protects the right to free speech, it does not grant you the permission to say anything about anyone. All Constitutional rights […]

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What Business Owners Should Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease


By Purple Fox Legal May 18, 2022 Signing your first commercial lease as a business owner is a very big deal! It should not, however, be one taken lightly. This decision will impact your company […]

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