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Business law

Whether you are starting or expanding your business, the guidance of an attorney provides the knowledge business owners need for success.

Purple Fox Legal aims to solve problems entrepreneurs and business owners often face while also providing value to our clients. The sooner a business contacts us, the more value we can provide.

We understand a large amount of time, money, and other resources must be invested into new companies, but hiring an attorney on day one is the best way you can help yourself and your business thrive.


Trademark Law

Choosing a strong trademark to represent your brand is one of the most crucial steps of starting a business. A trademark can be anything that identifies the source of a good or service, including a word, logo, color, sound, or combination of these.

Purple Fox Legal conducts trademark clearance searches to prevent our clients from choosing a trademark that infringes on others' rights.

We will walk you through the entire registration process from the day we submit your application to the day you receive your trademark registration certificate.


Copyright Law

Copyright law protects creative works such as songs, films, photos, drawings, and more. As soon as an original idea is fixed in a tangible format, a copyright is created.

While not required, it is recommended that copyrights are registered. The registration of a copyright grants the creator a number of benefits and special remedies under the Copyright Act.

The value of a copyright is correlated to the creator's ability and willingness to enforce it. If you believe another creative work is infringing on your registered copyright, we can enforce your rights.


Publicity Law

Unauthorized use of a person's (living or deceased) right of publicity may result in significant consequences. The right of publicity, often called NIL by media outlets, is a distinct type of intellectual property.

This right prohibits the unauthorized, commercial use of an individual's name, image, likeness, voice, signature, mannerisms, or any other unequivocal identifying features.

It's important for individuals and businesses to consider implications related to publicity law before creating advertisements or working with influencers.

Purple Fox Legal does not offer patent services.

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