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Alyssa J. Devine, Founder and Managing Attorney

Alyssa and Purple Fox Legal are proud to provide quality legal services to entrepreneurs, small business owners, musicians, influencers, and other creative individuals and companies in Tennessee and New York.

Our Values


We know that staying updated on your case is important to you, and we value open communication with our clients. When you leave a voicemail, we will call you back. When you send an email, we will answer.


Always looking towards the future, our firm is driven by data and the desire to use every tool at our disposal to handle your case. We value creativity, both in the arts world and in the courtroom.


We are not here to waste your time. We genuinely want to help you reach your goals, and we will always treat you with respect and honesty. We believe in providing realistic expectations and outcomes for our clients.


We remain informed on new laws, cases, and industry news to continue providing quality legal services. Your case does not exist in a vacuum, and we are here to ensure no stone is left unturned.

We Look Forward to Working with You.