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What Does Piercing the Corporate Veil Mean?


By Purple Fox Legal November 30, 2022 If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or provide business consulting under an LLC in New York or Tennessee, “piercing the corporate veil” is a phrase you need […]

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What Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Need To Know About The Corporate Transparency Act


By Purple Fox Legal November 16, 2022 Part of being an entrepreneur means learning about new laws, such as The Corporate Transparency Act. While this responsibility may seem tedious, it’s incredibly important. Non-compliance with the […]

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6 Tips For Ensuring Your Business Website Remains Legally Compliant


By Purple Fox Legal October 19, 2022 The Internet is one of the best places for today’s consumers to find information about a business they’re interested in. In fact, it’s one of the first places […]

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Understanding Specimens Required During the Trademark Registration Process


By Purple Fox Legal September 21, 2022 Applying for and filing a new trademark registration application is no simple task. The process requires quite a bit of research, time, and effort. It also demands supplementary […]

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9 Contract Drafting Tips For Small Business Owners


By Purple Fox Legal September 7, 2022 When you first started your business, you likely had to handle all the roles and responsibilities on your own. But, as your company grows and flourishes, it won’t […]

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The 7 Different Types of Music Licenses: What Every Music Professional Needs to Know


By Purple Fox Legal August 31, 2022 For songwriters, musicians, and other music professionals, proper licensing is paramount. Music licenses are crucial to protecting your copyrights and enhancing the commercial value of your intellectual property. […]

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