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What Business Owners Should Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease


By Purple Fox Legal May 18, 2022 Signing your first commercial lease as a business owner is a very big deal! It should not, however, be one taken lightly. This decision will impact your company […]

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Demystifying the Copyright “Work for Hire” Doctrine


By Purple Fox Legal May 11, 2022 For authors, artists, and other creative people, copyright law continues to act as one of the main sources of protection. This is because, starting from the moment they […]

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When Do Contracts Need To Be in Writing?


By Purple Fox Legal May 4, 2022 So, you’re ready to solidify an agreement with someone, and you want to ensure that it’s enforceable. But, did you know? There are some contracts and agreements that […]

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Preparing Your Business to Hire Its First Employees


By Purple Fox Legal April 27, 2022 Getting ready to hire your very first employees is a huge milestone, and one that deserves many congratulations and pats on the back. However, it is not a […]

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How to Build a Strong Trademark for Your Business


By Purple Fox Legal April 20, 2022 Protecting a business with a new, well-rounded trademark can be a difficult process, and typically requires quite a bit of research and planning to do so effectively. Not […]

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Navigating Operating Agreements, Bylaws, and Other Business Documents


By Purple Fox Legal April 13, 2022 For a business owner, there is no shortage of paperwork that must be printed, filled out, and then filed with entities outside the organization. But, did you know […]

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