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3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Attorney for Your Legal Needs

By Purple Fox Legal

July 20, 2022

So, you need a lawyer? And, you don’t quite know where to start. 

This can be an overwhelming position to be in, but it doesn’t have to be! Selecting the right attorney for your case, transaction, or other legal matter can be simpler than you might believe. 

In this article, we will discuss the reasons you might need to consult a lawyer, and the considerations you should make before actually hiring one. Then, we’re sharing some places you can begin finding the right lawyer that meets your needs. 

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

While most people immediately think of fines and jail time, there are a number of reasons why a person might need an attorney. And they’re not all related to criminal matters. In fact, there are many times when even professionals find themselves looking for a lawyer. The most common reasons that people consider hiring an attorney are:

  • To help reduce business liability 
  • To improve business efficiency
  • To navigate other business issues
  • To help them plan their estate
  • To help with a lawsuit

3 Considerations Before Choosing a Lawyer

When you’re in a situation where you need legal representation, it can be tempting to just hire the first lawyer you talk to. But, this is not the best way to do things at all. Choosing an attorney is something that requires thought and consideration. Here are the top three questions you should ask yourself before saying “yes” to any lawyer. 

  1. Do they have experience in the type of law you need help with?

The law covers a broad range of circumstances, including property, copyright, and criminal. And, no attorney is experienced in everything. In fact, most attorneys have specializations. For example, a criminal lawyer will probably not offer intellectual property services and it’s unlikely a family law attorney will provide tax services.

Is the lawyer you’re considering experienced in the area of law you need help with? This type of lawyer will have a better understanding of that type of law and is likely to have built relationships with others in their field. For particularly complex cases, experienced attorneys tend to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes significantly. 

  1. Do they have online reviews?

One of the best ways to examine the trustworthiness of a lawyer is by reading their reviews. These can help you gain insight into what it might be like to work with a particular attorney and can also help you understand their credibility. Reading the words of a lawyer’s previous clients is invaluable, and you should think twice about hiring someone with none. 

  1. How is their demeanor?

It’s important to always meet an attorney before signing a retainer with them. This gives you the chance to determine if your personalities mesh and whether they are professional enough for you. 

Most great attorneys shine in their communication skills and display genuine compassion for their clients. Look for someone who is willing to listen to you and prioritizes trustworthiness. Remember, you’ll probably be working with this person for quite some time, so it’s important to at least enjoy that time together. 

Where to Start Looking for the Attorney You Need

Now that you know what to look for in a potential attorney, it’s time to start looking for them. Locating the right attorney for you will probably be the most difficult part of the process. But there are some wonderful places to start, including through:

  • Word of Mouth

Do you have a friend or family member who’s recently had a similar issue to you? Reach out and ask who they used for legal representation. Or, maybe they have a friend who does. Word of mouth is one of the best places to really understand who a lawyer is and how they work. 

  • Social Media

Do your connections on social media follow any attorneys or law firms? Chances are that the answer is yes. Similar to word of mouth, social media can be a great resource to find an attorney.

  • Online Reviews

Just as online reviews are beneficial for determining an attorney’s credibility, they can also help find one at all. Spend some time searching Google for lawyers in your area, and read their reviews. This can help prevent you from wasting too much time on consultations. 

Final Thoughts

While hiring a lawyer might seem like an intimidating process, it’s so much easier when you tackle it with a plan. Make a list of the characteristics and qualities that are most important to you, and spend a little time evaluating potential candidates. Before you know it, you’ll have the best lawyer for your legal needs.