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Navigating Operating Agreements, Bylaws, and Other Business Documents


By Purple Fox Legal April 13, 2022 For a business owner, there is no shortage of paperwork that must be printed, filled out, and then filed with entities outside the organization. But, did you know […]

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WTF are NFTs?


By Purple Fox Legal April 6, 2022 While most people were barely beginning to wrap their heads around cryptocurrency, the introduction of NFTs to the arena has caused a spike in even more confusion. This […]

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Top 5 Trademark Registration Mistakes (and How to Avoid Making Them)


By Purple Fox Legal March 30, 2022 For small business owners and entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to navigate the confusing world of paperwork, legal requirements, and different registrations needed for their professional endeavors. This […]

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What Every Musician Must Know about Performance and Mechanical Royalties


By Purple Fox Legal March 23, 2022 For musicians, not much is more important than protecting the music that they create. All of their talent, effort, and hard work go into creating these melodies, and […]

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Understanding FTC Guidelines for Social Media Influencers


By Purple Fox Legal March 16, 2022 The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, is a federal agency tasked with protecting and improving the experience of the consumer. While the role of this organization is often […]

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Navigating Release Agreements and Protecting Your Small Business


By Purple Fox Legal March 9, 2022 One of the greatest advantages of owning and operating a small business is the ability to work with the public in new and exciting ways. From interviewing successful […]

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